Wednesday, March 11, 2009

perfume review: tom ford white patchouli

i know i've mentioned it before, but i'm a perfume junkie. i thought i'd try to spread my perfume junkie ways by giving you review of some of my faves. so today, i'll do tom ford's white patchouli, which has been my primary perfume of choice this winter.

i acquired this one right before christmas. it seemed perfect for the holiday season because it's warm and spicy with the just the right undertone of smoky, rich patchouli that leaves you feeling wrapped in a richly embroidered indian shawl. it's not super feminine and definitely has a manly side to it, i actually think husband could comfortably wear it, not that he has. he's on mont blanc's individuel at the moment and he's got a habit of sticking with one 'til it's gone (silly men).

at first spray, i found the white patchouli to be a bit heavy and would class it in the same family as the old classic yves st. laurent opium, but that heavy, cloying sweetness fades almost immediately, leaving a lighter fresher (if that's possible) smokiness that i love. in fact, my main complaint would be that white patchouli generally fades a bit too quickly and it's definitely gone by the end of the day. but that could be my chemistry, i've seen some other reviews around that suggest it has great staying power. but, perfumes react differently with different chemistry.

i've been using this one pretty consistently since i got it in mid-december. it's a very good winter scent. it's plush, warming and goes well with a steaming mug of chai. in fact, it has some of the same notes as a good chai--a bit of coriander seed and a hint of cardamon. it feels sophisticated and luxurious and a bit like you should be wearing black when you've got it on (despite having white in the name). i think my use will taper off as spring approaches and i've already turned to hermes un jardin sur le nil on a couple of occasions to get that greenness i long for into my day. but, i'd advise you to keep the tom ford in mind next fall when you're getting your sweaters and tights out again, it will envelop you with its slightly mysterious, spicy goodness throughout the cold months.

give it a try next time you pass a perfume counter.


Char said...

I have to be so careful with perfumes since I have asthma and allergies so I couldn't wear this one. My mother though loved perfumes too - we would go to the store where she would try on two to three. I can't wear her last perfume - but I keep a bottle so I can pull it out from time to time and remember her scent.

christina said...

This is one will keep in mind. I am looking for a perfume for spring. Spring will come along again.. one day.

OneGirlCircus said...

I'm drooling just thinking about the NAME white patchouli! I must brave the mall to find some.