Sunday, March 29, 2009

glorious weekend

it was a glorious weekend. sunshine and definite scent of spring in the air. time spent with an old friend i hadn't seen in ages. freshly-baked bread for dinner. a major clean-up/air-out of the studio. gathered a whole lot of stones on the beach (some of the ones below we had before, so not ALL of those in one go), but plenty of new materials/inspiration.

why yes, that is a metal basket full of rocks hanging out conveniently just outside my studio door.

do you think it's possible to fall madly in love with a rusty old pickup that's sitting by the side of the road?

gorgeous polish embroidery found at det blå marked in haslev. major treasure!

evidence of sunshine in my studio today. it looks so beautiful shining on my sari. i had the sari out, looking at and wondering if i should just have a bollywood party or turn it into something else...

and these, the coolest (and starting to be biggest) 8-year-old feet on the block. she's so hip with her red converse all-stars.

and the first report of brazil just in from husband: "so far, brazil looks like the balkans in the jungle."
i found that hilarious beyond belief. 
if you've been to the balkans, you would too.

more tomorrow. our time changed today, so i'm going to try to adjust.
so far, it's been great, but i'll be sorry tomorrow morning.


Just Jules said...

love the basket of rocks

Char said...

love love love the shots!! I'm such a chuck girl

? said...

Great shots. I am sure you will love St Ives in cornwall. The light is amazing down there. Ever been there?

Tara Thayer said...

Really great pictures, Julie. And you know I love the Converse shot. We have a few pairs of red ones, even. Size 10 little girl right up to size 6 big girl.
Beautiful. Take care. tt

Delwyn said...

Love the red converse - they remind me of my skateboarding sons...

happy days

heidikins said...

Mmmm, excellent combo of photos. Heart!


Molly said...

Converse will always be the way to my heart. Had to fight myself off a baby pair for Frieda the other day!
Glad you had such a lovely weekend and that spring might just be sprunging for you!

tangobaby said...

Such happy gorgeous photos. I love the red converses. I am inspired to get a much larger pair for myself.