Tuesday, March 03, 2009

my dream assignment

the ever-fabulous tangobaby directed me to a new distraction yesterday after i went to bed (there's a 9 hour time difference, ya know). so, this morning, i went to check it out. apparently, there's a new photo contest, wherein you can win $50,000 to travel and fulfill your dream photography assignment. although i am just a titch uncomfortable with it being sponsored by microsoft and lenovo (that is a seriously dumb name for a computer company--in russian, it means LAZY and who wants a lazy computer?). ok, i probably just guaranteed that i will not win, but i'll leave it because it's true.

but, you can help. if you click the little dream assignment widget thingy over on the right, you can go in and vote for my dream assignment. as i write this, i've only put one there, but no doubt others will come to me. for now, tho', i want to take pictures of the small details of the world's cities. everyone takes pictures of the eiffel tower and big ben, but how many pictures have you seen of the details of those monuments? here are some examples (see, i've already started my assignment):

detail of kronborg castle (the hamlet castle) in helsingør, denmark

detail at the castle in ljubljana, slovenia

old city wall in thessaloniki, greece

i'll no doubt be thinking of others. you should sign up too! what's your dream assignment?

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Tess Kincaid said...

Wow! Good luck on the contest! You might win. Seriously!! :D