Monday, March 23, 2009

a monday kind of a day

i love this picture. it looks like a creature of some kind. he's got green moss hair on his head and a large eye and some kind of a trunk-like appendage, along with that arm-like branch sticking up. i love the wrinkles under his chin. i don't really know what i'm going to do with him, but he speaks to me somehow. there's some glimmer of something there. it's one of those moments of intuitive inspiration. i don't know what's going to happen with it, but i'm sure that something will. and no, i'm not going off about inspiration again.

* * *

i made sabin and karoline turn the channel to house at 6 p.m., just like i do nearly every weekday. you see, i need my fix of house. he's so deliciously mean. sabin had my laptop in her lap and announced, "i'll just go to you tube and type hannah montana and watch it there." when did the child learn about you tube? i think i've got to keep a better eye on her.

* * *

this morning, we braved THIS traffic (thank goodness i normally fly to my job) to go in and get husband some vaccinations at the only place we knew for sure would have a yellow fever jab available at 9 a.m. on a monday. mom asked me if i had to twitch him or ear him down for the vaccination, like we used to do with the horses, but i don't actually know if that was necessary, because i was running around frantically trying to find an ATM to get some cash to pay for the damn shots because their stupid card machine was broken. and let me tell you, there was no cash machine within a reasonable walking distance in any direction (reminder to self: do not try to find cash in the area of the royal palace, apparently they have no need for cash). finally, it dawned on me that there was an ATM on the 4th floor of my old workplace, right across the street from the doctor and so i asked a good friend who is still on the inside (if that sounds like prison, i do mean it to a little bit) to help me out with some cash. naturally, during this frantic run, i managed to find time to grab not one, but two double lattes. and by the time i got back, not only was husband vaccinated against yellow fever, but also against hepatitis B AND their stupid card machine was back up and running, so they didn't need my hard-earned cash (tho' i am very grateful for irene's help!). it was a monday kind of thing.

and then i set this guy off at the airport so he could head off to north carolina (no yellow fever there) and then onwards to brazil (possibility of yellow fever there). i'm a bit envious of brazil. south america is one of my missing continents (Oz is the other one). then i high-tailed it for home, where the feverish child had been left on her own (with big sis when we left) and where research into these called. so much for being a resourcestærke parent, leaving the child home alone sick. but it was deemed better than dragging around in the car to get carsick at the moment of leaving. i wish we'd all been headed off for brazil. i already had yellow fever. the vaccine. or was it japanese encephalitis? or maybe typhoid fever. i never remember.

in lieu of going to brazil, perhaps i'll just have to watch the movie:

hope your monday was fabulous.


Brenda Pruitt said...

Isn't that always how it is? I tend to not go out much. Just for those reasons. Too much traffic. Too damned many cell phones ringing crazy tones. Too many people! I thoroughly enjoy staying home with the pets and garden and solitude!

Delwyn said...

Hello Julie, I hope the baby is better and about your man - what is he going to do in Brazil?

And put OZ at the top of the list...
Happy days

Tara Thayer said...

I love that traffic picture so very much. Makes me think about flying a little bit.

ps my google word is snumpus. that's gross, huh?

Bee said...

My children keep House on almost constant DVD rotation. I guess that I can give thanks that they are over the Hannah Montana phase.

Brazil? I would be envious, too. One of my best friends is in Peru, and we need to have a serious plan for exploring South America while she is there.

My Monday was not so bad . . . although I had a tricky moment of not having enough change for the parking meter -- and only minutes to catch my train to London. A good Samaritan gave me a pound. Nice, huh?

paris parfait said...

I do like that curious creature as well! Glad your husband got the necessary jabs. My husband was in Brazil a couple of weeks ago, thankfully, without incident; now he's in Vienna. My own travels will resume shortly. Hope your daughter's feeling better. As for the lack of cash machines, the worst place I've seen for scarcity is Antwerpen. If there are more than two or three cash machines in the entire city, I'd be very surprised. Hope the rest of your week goes well. xo

Char said...

ugh - horrible traffic. But Brazil is so much more exciting than NC. What a busy family you are.

Just Jules said...

How did you get from wrinkled guy stump (which looks like a star wars character) to Sabin being sick, to ships, and Brazil and not lose me once? You amaze me always!

tangobaby said...

My Monday was slightly heinous (which seems to be a recurring theme lately) but somehow reading about yours, with its broken ATMs near the Royal Palace (!) and exotic vaccinations and lots of coffee finalizing in a clip from what has to be one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME means that my Tuesday is getting off to a much better start.

Your missing continents reminded me of the cool old maps I saw recently at the Antiquarian Book Fair where California was pictured as an island (mid-1600s, and I think we are still an island if not in spirit) but when I see a map of Brazil and/or Oz, I will think of you.