Sunday, July 27, 2008

and we have a winner!

thank you all for playing along on my first RAK. i was a little worried for awhile because it seemed that nobody was going to get it right, but then tangobaby got it right on the nose. clearly this girl shares not only my name and that dream mall, but my taste in antiques as well! it was those gorgeous toys...specifically the little military airplane one and a robot one that doesn't really show in this picture.

and the turmac tobacco box. what with meeting my husband in macedonia and spending any number of great holidays in turkey, i can't believe i didn't buy it when i was there!

and i have, thus far, restrained from going back and getting them. but perhaps this week. tangobaby, i'll pop something in the mail to you tomorrow! :-)  

hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and that the sun was shining where you are like it was here.


enchantedartist said...

Shoot! Maybe next time~ :)

(I love vintage toys too. Those are terrific.)

tangobaby said...

Ooohhhh! Hooray! I finally win something (I'm always the maid of honor with these things...never the bride).

Maybe I should go out and buy a lottery ticket now, just to see if my luck still holds!

Thank you for my prezzie, in advance! You have inspired me to make a contest, too.

(ps. I love that we have similar tastes, the same name and a common dream mall.)