Sunday, July 06, 2008

things i learned in the garden: part 2

the work continued this weekend in the upper garden. i tell myself it's good for my left hand to do some activity of a different sort than sitting around typing.  the garden isn't totally cleaned up yet, but it's getting there. i have a strong sense as i'm weeding and fixing and tending up there (i say up there because our yard is on a hill and this little garden is up that hill) that this activity is very good for my soul. i find myself slowing down, breathing more evenly, listening to the bird song, feeling the dirt under my fingernails. it can only be good for me.

roses now tied to the trellis so they can begin to climb and climb.
i think i said before that i'm not THAT fond of roses,
but these are a beautiful, vibrant orangey red.
the one on the right has suffered a bit from neglect, but i am hopeful it will come back now that it's been fertilized and given new soil and had all the dead bits trimmed off.

6 beds fixed, 3 to go.
you can see that i'm still unable to "weed" the strawberries
that have escaped their bed and are crawling over towards the other one.
they're nearly done bearing fruit, so perhaps then.

two giant buckets of weeds!!
now that my peonies and the one giant poppy are done, there's not much color up here.
hmm, perhaps i should go get some pretty plants that are blooming from the nursery.
that hydrangea on the right should bloom soon tho'.

these little primordial plants, while rather pretty, are an insidious weed.
they may look cool, but their roots reach up to 5 meters into the soil.
this makes them very nearly impossible to get rid of!
they were here in the time of the dinosaurs and i guess they will long outlive me.

well, i'd best get back to work, there's plenty more to be done and i can see that my lavendar is covered in butterflies, just beckoning to be photographed. i wish you all a happy, slow, lazy sunday.


Anonymous said...

such a hard worker and i love coming along and hearing hat you are saying to yourself as you work away at uncovering your garden. i do believe i also have had those primordial plants invade my gardens... do they look like horsetails?? 5 meters is almost to china isn't it??!

Anonymous said...

BTW...i am loving the new header showcasing your lavender!!