Wednesday, July 02, 2008

things i learned in the garden

i've horribly neglected the upper garden.
it had gotten a little outta control.
weeds everywhere.

roses can actually thrive even tho' you
woefully neglect them.

although beautiful, roses are kind of a mean plant.
i got stuck multiple times by thorns today.
i probably deserved it.
but i'm still not that fond of roses.

despite neglect, there are tons of strawberries in among the weeds.
learned today: i talk to myself more than normal while i'm weeding.

they taste like beyond amazing.
and i didn't even have to do anything to get them.
other than pick them.

also learned: strawberries that are growing where you don't want them to be are weeds.

i'm only halfway through cleaning it all up.
will post pictures of "after" as soon as it's done.
that might be on the weekend.


polona said...

weed or no weed, those strawberries look fantastic!

julochka said...

polona--they are fantastic! like unbelievable, i'm not sure how they got so good! :-) our weather has been perfect for them, i guess.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Oh, gorgeous strawberries among the wilds.
When you said "horribly neglected" my first thoughts were "Julochka" "blog" "Elementary" "catch-up..."
My days are getting shorter, I know it's true! I always enjoy catching up on yours.
And as I said, those strawberries... yum.

enchantedartist said... doesn't look that bad.:) (I'm just using my own garden as a reference here.)

And those strawberries looks oh-so scrumptious!!! I still have to wait another month or so before I'll be nibbling on mine.

You're learning well love.

Jaime said...

Hmmmm....well, if I lived near you, I'd be more than happy to take some of those *weeds* off your hands.

There's nothing more divine than strawberries.

robin laws said...

what a treasure hunt you were unanticipated one i realize...but those rubies..i mean strawberries look amazing! i know what you mean though about weeds that are fruits or beautiful plants to when they keep to their rightful places.. i am going up the page to see the after photos..