Sunday, July 13, 2008

weeds vanquished

this weekend, i was able to weed and tend the last two beds in my upper garden because the strawberries have stopped producing. actually, they hadn't entirely stopped and i did pick one more cereal-sized bowl before i went to work on them.  but i do think it's the last for this year. they have been absolutely heavenly and we have thoroughly enjoyed them.

i had to keep reminding myself (out loud) of one of the lessons learned previously in this garden:  "strawberries that are growing where you do not want them to be are weeds."  it hurt a little bit to pluck those little buggers up, but the big plants are sending out so many runners, there will soon be plenty more.

i spread new "stenmel" (stone flour?) on all of the paving stones. it's sort of like sand, but has slightly larger bits of flint and shells in it and the slugs don't like it, so it helps keep the garden slug-free. tho' the slugs haven't been bad at all this year. i think because we had a relatively dry late spring/early summer. we've had a good mix of rain and sunshine of late and the garden is looking wonderful. 

gardening is such a soothing and wholesome activity. i'm not sure why i didn't realize that before. you can immediately see the results of your labors. i can't wait for that big hollyhock on the right to bloom, as it's from seeds i took from my mom's hollyhocks a few years ago and it's finally really big this year. 

the neighbor was digging up her front garden and gave me a whole mess of rhubarb roots! yippee!  i love rhubarb and although we have one big plant, it's always nice to have more.  the lavender border that's surrounding this garden on two sides is in full bloom and full buzz and smells absolutely heavenly. it may have contributed some of its aromatherapeutic goodness to my relaxed mood while i was weeding.

next, i've got to make a big cushion and some pillows for the iron bench that you can just barely see in the bottom picture. it looks so perfect with the rose trellis and once i get a cushion on it, i'll be able to sit up there with my morning mug of tea or my late afternoon cold glass of sauvignon blanc and enjoy the garden and the birdsong all around. 


polona said...

well, the garden looks awesome!

Jaime said...

You have such a wonderful and abundant garden. Complete with favourite!