Monday, July 28, 2008

monday resolutions

this week i shall:
  1. really finish that VAT report and get it submitted.
  2. do some designs for my gocco swap. (i'm so excited about this! yippee!!)
  3. paint the knobs of my købmandsdisk enamel red.
  4. paint a big helleristning of a viking ship on the side of the købmandsdisk.
  5. finish insulating the writing house so the walls can be finished (even tho' i hate getting up on a ladder due to my extreme clumsiness).
  6. order a pretty stove ventilator that looks like a lamp and which has the lyrical name "grace."
  7. buy tickets to oslo.
  8. take my bike instead of the car.
this week i shall not:
  1. spend too much time in front of this computer (as beautiful as it is).
  2. sit indoors while the sun is shining.
  3. cut myself while preparing dinner.
  4. cut myself while cutting apart tiles.
  5. forget to water the roses in the upper garden!
  6. tell sabin "later" when she asks to draw, read, play pictochat on the DS, bake something, have an ice cream, etc.
  7. let the laundry pile up.
  8. go anywhere without my camera.
what does your week bring?


tangobaby said...

Please be careful on the ladder and with the tile knife. Now I am a little worried for you.

Just take lots of photos and let someone else do the dangerous work.

enchantedartist said...

Oh...I am loving the sound of your week. You'll have to be sure to post pictures of your painting results.

Have fun...and play safe! :)

Jaime said...

Oh how I love a good list. You've got so many interesting projects on the go, you are going to be busy!

Have fun and yes...don't cut yourself, or nothing on this list will get done!


julochka said...

i put those things about not cutting myself on the list because i cut myself twice the two preceding days! i should never be allowed to handle sharp objects. :-)

d smith kaich jones said...

Your priorities are so in order, even though you are so busy right now. Your body will MAKE you slow down if you don't do it on your own, even if it has to hurt you to do so. :)

Don't let it!
Take care.
:) Debi