Sunday, July 06, 2008

that sunday evening feeling

although it's summer holiday time, since we're just at home and not really going anywhere this year because there's so much work to do on the house, i find myself wanting to feel what i call my "sunday evening feeling." that feeling that you are prepared for the week ahead. the dishes are done. the laundry is done. you've vacuumed. and in my case, i've put the garden in order, or at least gone a long way towards doing so. everything so that i can face the challenges the week will bring.

one of the things i've done is ponder what i'd like to write in the week ahead. since my hand isn't really getting that much better, i have to conserve my typing, so i must carefully consider (notice that i don't really consider NOT writing anything--i'm choosing to think of this as a good thing) what i will write. inspired by the summer column on page 2 of the culture section of my daily newspaper, i'm going to write a week's worth of postings on people, places or things that have had a big effect on my life, 3 of them are people, one is a horse and one is a country. at least as i feel right now, that may change as i begin to write them, my writing has a way of doing that, taking me off in directions i hadn't anticipated.

other than that, this week i must:
  1. prepare and submit my first VAT statement
  2. paint the købmandsdisk (yes, this is an encore appearance for this task)
  3. help move everything out of the addition into the writing house
  4. eat healthy foods!
  5. exercise every day!
  6. do something creative every day!
  7. write article for Scanorama
  8. some consulting work tasks (separate list)
  9. take pictures every day!
  10. find a small table/chairs for the greenhouse
  11. finish cleaning all of the glass for the greenhouse
  12. avoid cutting myself while doing so
  13. finish up the last two beds of the upper garden, sweep and get new shell gravel stuff
  14. take bike in for a tune-up
  15. make pillows for the iron bench in the upper garden
what will your week bring?


Janni said...

Hi julie

Inspired by you...the only thing on my to-do-list is to make at to-do-list :-)


enchantedartist said...

Okay...I'm tired from just reading your list. No's because it's 11:00 here...way past my bedtime...:)