Tuesday, July 01, 2008

gorgeous summer evening

i'm not supposed to type, i know, but the keyboard is elevated now, which i think will help. and i couldn't resist sharing pictures from this absolutely gorgeous summer evening. i made husband take my picture with the nikon while i took his picture with the diana+. we'll have to wait to see how the diana pix turn out.

it was a lovely evening for a balloon ride, as these people no doubt experienced..floating across from our house in a balloon made to look like the dannebrog, the danish flag. we could hear them firing the gas, it was so still and clear.

and one lovely dandelion-like flower. i don't think this is a dandelion, it was taller and sturdier, but i'm no good with plants, so i'm not sure what to call it. i just had to try to capture the waning hours of golden sunshine on its gossamer seeds.


hele said...

Wow. It is like seeing the mirror of my field moved into another time and space.

polona said...

wow, the light in these shots is quite amazing.

the seedhead might belong to salsify aka goat's beard (tragopogon)

julochka said...

hele--thank you.

polona--thanks for the clue as to what the seedhead might be. :-) the light is quite amazing in scandinavia this time of year. too bad it's so dark in the winter!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

That's just the best photo- with the balloon. My goodness, it's a treat to see that. I bet they're up in that wondering what's going on below, and you're looking up wondering about them. That's one beautiful photo.