Thursday, July 31, 2008

blog blahs

i am uncharacteristically feeling blah about my blog. i just can't find any inspiration this week. perhaps it's the heat or perhaps these things are just natural. we're so deep into this home improvement project and that's taking all of my time and energy. i more or less have my kitchen back, so i'm also cooking more and that too takes time, tho' the things i've been cooking have been simple. but it's all keeping me from the computer. 

i finally did that stupid VAT report, which was weighing heavily for several weeks. i am simply shocked at how much money they are taking! yowza! and then there will be income taxes as well on top of it. it almost makes it not seem worth it to work. except for all of the lovely things that i would like to fill our home with and money is needed for those, so i guess i must.

and maybe returning to work next week is also keeping my vibe down. in many ways, i'm looking forward to it, and it's not about not loving my job, but more about that i didn't really get enough done around the house during my month off. i should have and could have done so much more. 

but perhaps my blahs are really about not really having gone anywhere for a month. i have plane tickets in hand for next monday, but it's strange for me not to fly anywhere for over a month!

it's not really as if nothing has happened this week to blog about. i would have thought that the jubilation of having gotten my long-awaited iPhone would have warranted an enthusiastic posting, but i didn't even have that in me. it is a sleek and sexy design marvel--the place where you insert the simcard alone is brilliant.

i discovered some new (to me) music that's making me happy...belanova, a mexican band. it's cheery and bright and puts me in a good mood, but i still feel blah about writing.

and yesterday, i picked up my kitchen aid beauties--an artisan mixer, a blender (which we promptly made 3 batches of smoothies in) and a food processor. all in beautiful red (except the food processor, which is black and which i couldn't pass up because it was a screamin' deal). and so i feel totally inspired to make wonderful things in the kitchen.

i just don't feel inspired to blog. anyone else out there feeling this way or ever felt this way? maybe i just need to give myself a break for a couple of days.


tangobaby said...

Oh yeah, I think that happens to all of us. I'm sure you'll feel inspired again soon, and you shouldn't worry too much about having a little down time.

Sometimes when I am especially inspired, I might write several posts at once, and stockpile them for days when I wish I had something to say, but I can't.

And having other things, like Love Thursday (and you can be a Shutter Sister right this very minute) that allow you to join in with other sisterly souls, can be a nice blogging opportunity without a lot of pressure.

Or, just go out and do something nice for yourself. We'll still be here when you get back.

BrightBoy said...
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BrightBoy said...

Some days are blah, though.

People just aren't like that in real life, spouting of bits of wisdom and having epiphanies about the nature of life two to three times a week.

Sometimes I think that readership puts pressure on bloggers to satisfy visitors, when really all we're doing here is learning about each other's lives and routines.

Life can occasionally be blah. That's part of the story, too, though.

Also, I wanted to say that I truly pity you those income taxes.

Since you're not a Danish citizen can you get out of it somehow?

You probably get some pretty cool things in return for all that money, though, right?

hele said...

Often I feel blah. Although so much is moving in my head none of it feels like leaving its cocoon.

Jaime said...

I feel the blah too. Sometimes I just don't feel like writing, but more often I really want to write, but can't find something that I want to write about.
I think we all deal with this. And the more pressure we put on ourselves, the less creative flow.

Let's all feel blah together.

vienz said...

Well, right now I'm feeling blah about my blog as well. I feel like, there's too much to write about that I have no idea of where should I start..

I think we all have this kind of moment every now and then.