Thursday, July 31, 2008

love thursday

in my blog funk, i went reading the blogs i love and, of course, found much to inspire and meditate on and smile about and be touched by. but it was tangobaby's love thursday posting today that lifted the funk a bit and so, although i'm not an official shutter sister, my contribution to love thursday:

sabin so loves her big (half) sister karoline and this shot of them in the waning afternoon sunshine after a swim in a blissful, cool clear lake where our best friends live, just fit the love bill for me today.


tangobaby said...

What a lovely photo...and I think you are already a Shutter Sister. I'm glad you found something full of love and sweetness to share with us.

Now I'm off to check out your other links.

hele said...

Thank you for allowing me a seat in this wonderful inspiring journey.

It helps lift my spirits while trying to wade through dense academic texts on cognitive face recognition models sparking of only one thought: "HUH?"

Jaime said...

Lovely links. I was especially moved by Hele's post. Thank you so much for sharing.

And a wonderful summertime picture! The weather here has been rainy, so it's nice to have a reminder that it is still summer!

enchantedartist said...

What lovely girls. :) I'll have to go check out your other links too.