Friday, July 18, 2008

failed to filch friday

it's a bit cloudy and rainy and even a little chilly and i wasn't feeling very inspired on a friday. so naturally, i went looking for something to filch.

instead of filching, i found something inspiring! and it involves using my gocco!

i'm going to participate in a gocco swap initiated by clothpaperstring. how cool is that?

you make 4-6 notecards and envelopes and send to those who are on your swap team! i'm so excited! i've not really tried this aspect of the blogosphere as of yet, but i think it's gonna be fun! there's still time to sign up 'til july 21, so if you have access to a gocco, go for it! :-)


Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

You do like new avenues of the blogosphere, don't you? ;)
I have a suspicion you like the blogosphere in general. This sounds like fun...

tangobaby said...

I still am not sure what the heck a gocco is. I keep seeing a gecko in my imagination.

Have fun swapping!

Janni said...

Hi Julie
Can't wait to get my own gocco :-)
Then I want to swap too, I am a little jealous rigtht now. But i guess i have to wait until fall comes. Haven't really got the money for i right now... (sigh)


julochka said...

elementary--i'm inordinately excited about this. i went out and bought the cards i'll use and everything!

tangobaby--i could make a gecko on my gocco. :-)

janni--it looks like this gocco swap is the second one she's done, so there will no doubt be others! and you are, after all, going to egypt soon! :-)