Friday, July 11, 2008

filching friday

since i stayed up late composing my last entry in the 5 big things category, this morning, it's all about whatever i ideas i can lift from other blogs. from magpie musing, i filch the notion of filching friday. and from tangobaby, the wordle.

get your own wordle here. it's fast easy and oh so cool. and you could spend hours playing with it. not that i did...


tangobaby said...

Thank you for filching (and the idea, because certainly Friday is a lazy day in blogland). I like your wordle but I need to get some reading glasses for the tiny words.


Now I have to think who I will filch from! Happy weekend to you!

Magpie said...

Those are cool.

Filch It Friday originally came from Simply Nutmeg ( - but she's on hiatus.

And check this out for another pretty time-waster...

d smith kaich jones said...

Julie - There's an award with your name on it over at my blog. Stop by & pick it up when you get the chance!

:) Debi

julochka said...

thanks have to click on it and then it opens in wordle and is readable. :-) i couldn't manage to copy it over as a jpeg. perhaps i'm technologically challenged.

magpie--thanks, i'll check that out. :-)

debi--super thanks to you for the brilliante weblog award! that was very sweet of you!