Wednesday, July 09, 2008

what a difference a day makes

july 5, 2008

july 6, 2008

july 7, 2008

july 8, 2008

july 9, 2008

it won't be long before i'm writing this blog
 from inside the "writing house" above.
i can't wait!!!

but first, i have to decide what color to paint it on the inside...

ahhh, luxury problems.


tangobaby said...

Wow! You have a writing playhouse?!! Now that is very very special!

Barb said...

Ahhh, your very own personal muse ... Is there anything else one could want in life??? B

Jaime said... are just a busy little worker bee!
Always working on some amazing project.
How's the kitchen coming along?

julochka said...

tangobaby--writing playhouse, i like that! i'm going to call it that from now one. better than the architect's name for it--"wood house." it's a bit bigger than it was in my imagination.

barb--it is pretty cool.

jaime--don't mention the war! no, actually, the kitchen is coming along. husband is laying the very last row of flooring as we "speak" and there's only one more coat of paint to go on the kitchen island. hope to unwrap and plug in appliances on saturday.