Sunday, July 20, 2008

flea market fabulosity

these are some of the fabulous pictures (not that my pix are fabulous, it's the STUFF i mean) i took at the big "blue market" near haslev today (janni, isn't that kinda close to you?), where i went with my friend maj. pix tomorrow of the stuff i bought. i didn't buy any of this, tho' there are two things below that i'd like to go back for. guess correctly which they are and leave your guess in a comment and i will send you something fun via snail mail (my first RAK!! fun!!!). next sunday, i'll tally up the right answers and let you know if you've won and need to supply me with your snail mail address.  everyone who guesses correctly will get something fun! 


polona said...

don't be modest - these are great shots of some interesting and fun stuff.
i have no idea what you would like to have but the china set looks gorgeous and i would probably dip into the books (but that's me)

Barb said...

Great photos Julie. Particularly love the tangerine and blue glass. Gorgeous! Barb

Janni said...

Hi julie

My guess would be the "Sunlight Sæbe" box and "Mågestellet" (the blue china) I know i would like that.


Claire said...

Beautiful pictures :-). And hurrah for RAKs - they make my world go round...


enchantedartist said...

Oh what a fun place! I'd love to shop there! (and yes, your photos are lovely. :)

I'm going to guess the Turkish tobacco tin...and the red cups and teapot in the last picture.

Have a great day!

Jaime said...'s really hard to tell! I know you are a reader, so I am going to guess the book, and ummmm....the coloured glass?

What a wonderful time you must have had many great treasures!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

It looks like orange pottery of some sort in photo number 8... perhaps that?
Or the books. Of course books. They look old! Wonderful.
Did you go back for it/them in the end?

tangobaby said...

Oh OH! Each photo is better than the next one! This is a dream flea market!

I can't decide which photo I love most but it might be the first one.

If I were you, I'd go back for the Turmac box and the little cars! Did I guess right?

Magpie said...

drooling. wonderful photos of great stuff.