Tuesday, July 15, 2008

lemon tree very pretty...

i'm not sure how it happened, but today, i was standing at the nursery, which in danish is called planteskole--"plant school" (which i find very charming) where i had actually gone to buy a lemon tree. i was thinking that the lemon tree i already have, which is blooming its little heart out, but never produces any lemons, needed a friend lemon tree. to commune and perhaps cross-pollinate with. 

but strangely, i found myself wandering the rose aisles. i think i may have mentioned here before that i'm not that fond of roses. i have even been heard to loudly declare that i don't like them at all. they're all spiky and pokey. they slyly try to lure you in with their lovely scent and appearance and then stick you as soon as they get the chance. 

but that was before i met:

paul cézanne

and ms. nostalgie

and ms. friesia

oh, yes, and ms. hanne

they all just begged to come home with me. and they even invited along their friend mr. westerland, but i forgot to take a picture of him. he's a bit of a climber. i think this might be tangobaby's fault. but i did get that lemon tree and the old lemon tree seems very grateful. they're just hanging out in the greenhouse, filling it with the lovely scent of their blossoms.


tangobaby said...

Uh-oh! You have succumbed (yay!) to the charms of the Rose Fairies.

I promise you, with the right pair of gloves and pruning shears, you will go on to years of lovely flowers that will make you smile.

(And if I had anything to do with your conversion, I take full credit.)


julochka said...

tangobaby--i do have some heavy-duty gloves and it's going ok so far. i lovingly dug and mixed new "rose" soil in with the old (that's really just the ground the garden came with) and even bought some special rose fertilizer. i hope it makes those puppies happy! because they are quite beautiful.

and it is entirely your "fault." :-) thank you!

tangobaby said...

Oh, hurrah! Finally I am blamed for something nice!

I think you should be sure to wear long sleeved shirts when pruning so there's no chance of you being stabbed, and then everything will be just fine.

Please take photos of your lovely roses to share with me, so far away.

Magpie said...

you can have a lemon in denmark? huh. but it has to live in a greenhouse?

julochka said...

tangobaby--more pictures will undoubtedly be on their way. :-) and probably more roses, since it seems strangely a bit addictive.

magpie--yes, thanks to global warming, it's pretty good for us here in DK. :-) no, seriously, it's in the greenhouse in the summer (although it's effectively been outside this summer as we have built the greenhouse around it) and i bring it inside in the winter.

Andi said...

I've always been fond of roses (except one year when I worked at a florist's shop around Valentine's Day and couldn't get the rose smell out of my nose for MONTHS!). I'm particularly fond of Ms. Nostalgie. I have a variety called "mardi gras" that's very similar.

enchantedartist said...

Oh they are all so lovely!!! I lost my love of roses when I was a little girl,and I feel face first into my aunts thorny lot...but over time they have won me back too.

Your new beauties are going to look great in your garden. :)