Saturday, July 12, 2008

eddies in the space-time continuum

it's been one of those weird days. i initially woke up rather early but then, since it's saturday, went back to sleep. but it was that weird kind of sleep where you have very vivid dreams and awake from them feeling exhausted. i dreamed that i was in a plane and we were landing in way too narrow a space between some really tall buildings and it sheared the wing right off. and then i dreamed something about a cat. and then there was this strange man in a long black waistcoat and a tall back hat, but i don't really remember what he wanted.

and so i got up and made tea to make it all stop.

it felt like it took awhile to come back in touch with this reality. i always have the feeling that i'm living a totally other life over there in my dreams. i even have recurring locations where many things take place (but that's the stuff of another posting).

anyway, i went through my day in this strange, murakamiesque state, slightly out of synch with reality. i spent a lot of time looking for various plastic trash bags and a paintbrush. i kept thinking i saw them, but when i reached the place where i thought i saw them, they weren't there...which i why i think that there have been eddies in the space-time continuum today.

some days are just like that.


robin laws said...

this is a fabulous image for those eddies of consciousness you are describing. i don't enjoy that back and forth from sleep to near sleep, to near awake, to awake. i tend to feel a lot like that clematis seed head. all tangled and fuzzy around the edges :)

hele said...

"eddies in the space-time continuum" - I know these.

The photo is so beautiful.

I would love to know more about your upper garden. Is it a rooftop container garden?

polona said...

i've had days that felt a bit like that...

Jaime said...

I go back to the same locations in my dreams as well. Usually it is a particular lake or river. The location is the same but the dreams are entirely different.
Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

julochka said...

i'm really glad that others have felt this way...sometimes one can feel a bit solitary in one's eccentricities. :-) and i always half wonder if reading murakami (yes, i'm on kafka on the shore now) does it to me.

hele--the "upper" garden just means up the hill...we have a sloped property. it is an area that my husband leveled off last year and built the 9 beds (to help battle the weeds), so although i hadn't thought about that, it could actually seem like a rooftop garden because it's flat.

Unknown said...

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