Monday, March 30, 2009

evidence of creativity update (25-37)

in all the excitement over my kitchen becoming famous, and the subsequent sitting by the phone, waiting for martha stewart (i would totally have done her time for her) to call (alas, she did not, tho' i still retain a small spark of hope), i kinda forgot about counting my creative output. i left you last with #24, that nest that turned into a bowl of apples embroidery.

so, i hereby give you #25 - an avocado shake of my own invention (inspired by ones i've had in the philippines and singapore). recipe here.

#26 - my eyeball "i" pillow. one of a kind, totally unique and still available here.

#27 - arranged objects. you may question this is as evidence of creativity, but, inspired (as ever) by margie from resurrection fern and her beautiful groupings of objects, i felt i needed to try it. there is an art to it and it takes time and creative thinking, so i'm allowing it to be #27, although i'll count the several i've done only as one. there's something about doing these that exercises your artistic eye.

28 & 29 - two small canvases featuring acrylics and a bit of felt with stitching and my first attempt at embroidery and moo cards--all in my favored palette.

30 - driftwood + eyeball artwork

31 - self-portraits (so much time spent and much learned about the camera, so this counts.)

32 - one fairy costume (made wings as well, but child refused to wear them on the grounds that none of the others had wings). she also refused to wear the top i made, so we decorated a white gap t-shirt at the last minute.

33 & 34 - my own version of margie's wonderful crocheted stones. and yes, there is a kind of an eyeball thing going on with them.

35 - set of six quilted coasters as a gift for my friend maj. very cool turquoise cotton with chocolate-colored coffee and teacups from here.

36 - hand-stamped ribbon for wrapping the above gift. sabin actually carved the little owl stamp from an eraser and i did the stamping.

37 - something for my mom, of which i won't show all, since she hasn't received it yet.

that's all for now. where are the things for the winners of my 50 follower prize, you ask? well i'd better get out there and get on those...i should have promised them sooner than christmas. :-)


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Can't wait to see the whole cration for your looks pretty good right now!

Char said...

oh...the little bird...*sigh*

you are so good.

Just Jules said...

I love the ribbon stamping idea - I am stealing that - oh I mean using that idea !

Still pulling together the box to send to you all.

Unknown said...

Yes, where's my present? :) I think that arranging objects is most definitely a creative activity that counts! I see Beyond Paradise as one of your perfumes. I use it all the time, you must tell me what you think of it, as you are the expert!

Molly said...

beyootiful! all of them...

tangobaby said...

That's such a great photograph of you! And I'm getting used to the eyeball/driftwood things. This one might be your best to date.

? said...

Thats an explosion of creativity. I love this incomparably and even more remarkably..

Meri said...

My goodness --- where do you find the time for this explosion of creativity?

Lynne said...

I think there must be some sort of alternate timeline that you have tapped into in Denmark. Or are you secretly triplets and you don't want to tell us? I don't even get it together to blog every day. And being, when?
When you do send the 50 followers pressie, let me know so I can start praying for its safe journey... our postal service is occasionally a bit dodgy.

Sandra said...

That's a lot of creativity! I'm so boring.

Pattern and Perspective said...

What? Fairies don't wear bright red converse sneakers..haha. Did you stamp those coasters? You should put those in the shop. Very nice.