Sunday, March 08, 2009

a quiet sunday

it's raining one of those bone-chilling cold rains--the kind with really big drops that somehow land exactly down the back of your neck when you poke your head out the door or dash back and forth to feed the fire in the studio.  so, we sit, the three of us, here indoors, each at our own computer, quietly existing in our own mutual but parallel worlds. we'll soon take a fika break to eat hot banana bread together, fresh out of the oven.

it's the kind of day that breeds introspection, but introspection is the last thing i'm feeling that i need these days. i've had quite enough of that lately. i'm reading malcolm gladwell's blink, which is a book that explores intuition and our decision-making processes. and i'm led to believe that all this introspection is keeping me from my intuitive side. there is such a thing as over-thinking. so i'm trying to get away from that today.

but my mind wanders to the dinner party we went to last evening with husband's old work team. it was at his old secretary's house. it was a nice evening with catered food and everything. the hosts had prepared a powerpoint slide show of photos of their holiday last summer. they'd done a grand tour of the US--starting at niagra falls, then going to hawaii and ending up in las vegas and the grand canyon/zion. then, another of the couples happened to have a memory stick full of pictures of their recent safari in kenya. although i inwardly groaned when the powerpoint opened, both viewings and hearing the stories attached to them were actually both amusing and interesting. i will, in the interest of trying not to be so introspective, spare you my thoughts on the bourdieuvian cultural capital present last evening. at least until another day.

and so my thoughts turn to how awesome sabin looks on a horse and it's only her second lesson. she would seem to be a natural, tho' she hasn't gotten the thing with posting the trot. she's fearless and she just sits so well. definitely makes me very proud.

my latest eyeball-related project is shaping up nicely:

on thursday evening, i was IMing with a friend who has recently gotten back from a six-month stint in china. she does a lot of painting and so i sent her a link to an art exhibition where you can buy a stand and be part of it--showing and selling your art. it takes place at the end of october in a nearby town. anyway, during the course of our conversation, we decided to go together and get a stand! so yes, i'm going to do an art exhibition in october! i'm a girl who needs an assignment, so i figure it's the best way to kick start my production, since i'm full to the brim with inspiration. so, on that note, i think i'll go out and work on these:

 photo taken the other day when the sun was shining.

i'm working on another something that's really exciting and i'll be back to share it with you later today. in the meantime, don't forget to go vote for my photo assignment!


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

WHile you may think Sabin hasn't mastered the posting trot, she has lovely form...knees down, chest open and a nice connection to the mouth. Kids...they are such naturals! Nice to definitely should be proud!

Magpie said...

sometimes i wonder when you sleep!

Char said...

I'm so excited for you!! I know I need to challenge myself too. I did that somewhat but practicing a people shot yesterday. I need to jump off the cliff and fly.

Laura Doyle said...

You really piqued my interest with Blink. Me and my brother have been discussing it; we want to read it. I too am familiar with over-thinking. It's hard to shut it down once it gets going.

Your eyeballs remind me of Turkey. They were everywhere there.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and good luck with your new job!

paris parfait said...

Looks like your daughter is off to a good start! Can't wait to see more of your latest art projects. Am off to vote for your photo.

Bee said...

Your daughter has a really good seat.

I couldn't get past the Power Point of the holiday snaps, though. Is that remotely normal behavior for Danes?