Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ships aren't just for boys

i can't stop with the mirror self-portraits. i think it's really about photographing the camera. and maybe a little about my obama won ring. it just looks so cool with the lens. also could be a little bit the long-hair mirrors. because i don't really have long hair, but i kinda always wished i did.

* * *
i am loving my new job. it's a company that doesn't just say that they're interested in being environmentally conscious. they put their money where their mouth is, as you can see from these electric cars out front. it says, in norwegian, "i'm working for the environment." how totally cool is that? and i LOVE that paint job! 

i spent my day looking into what the first issue of "my" magazine will contain. and there's so much innovation and environmentally cool stuff going on, even in and perhaps even because of economic downturn, that my mind is totally swirling with the possibilities. it seems that treating the environment well is economically sound business. even more exciting that some of the innovations are about LNG (liquid natural gas). you wouldn't necessarily know it to look at me, but i totally have a thing for LNG.  probably because i did my familiarization sailing trip here:
and because the inside of the cryogenic membrane tanks for storing the LNG while you sail around with it looks like this:
like a magical, mysterious cathedral. i sneaked this picture at the shipyard in korea. we stepped into the tank from a big hole in the hull. i wouldn't want to go down once it's all sealed up and in use, but it's amazing while they're still working on it. probably because it's all sparkly and i do love the sparkly things. and you thought ships were just for boys.


will said...

That's kinda cool having a solar powered Nikon with the solar collector on your hand. Sharp!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your "Self Portraits", gives me an idea of whom I talking to!. And I also agree that boats are NOT just for boys.Myself? I like to sail!

Char said...

you have to have the coolest job ever

Brenda Pruitt said...

So right they are! You do have a fascinating job. You go, girl!

Gwen said...

who knew that cryogenic membrane tanks could be awe-inspiring?

tangobaby said...

Cool! How do we get a subscription to your magazine!

Love (not necessarily in this order):

1. the little car (that is SO San Francisco, too)
2. the idea of liquid natural gas (wondering what the consistency is like, color, etc.)
3. the photo of you because we can see you smiling even though the camera is covering most of your face.
4. the ring
5. that you do, like Char says, have the coolest job EVER

Yay on all fronts!

Delwyn said...

Your photo looks like an owl winking...

Bee said...

I've always wanted to see an LNG storage tank! They are amazingly beautiful.

kristina said...

wow, that tank is so beatiful! must be an eerie feeling to be in one, though!