Monday, July 07, 2008

inspiration on a monday

images i love from this morning's visit to luberon:

rusty old french bottle carrier

old metal bed frames

rustic roof tiles

colorful tiles

what is it that's just so appealing about rust?


polona said...

gosh, i love all the different patterns and textures in these shots!
and i agree wholeeartedly that rust has a strange appeal...

tangobaby said...

Great photos! I agree, there is something so fascinating about taking photos of something old, something decaying. I have lots of pictures of peeling paint, rust, etc. and I find them fascinating.

That first photo is my favorite.

Barb said...

Love, love the picture of all the rusty bits and pieces.

You're so right about appealing rust .... it makes me stop and think about where that piece has been, who has handled it, who has loved it. And with all that rust it jut has so much more character. B

enchantedartist said...

Oh, I am in love with these images...I love anything old and rusty. :)

julochka said...

thanks everybody! i feel i walk around with a different view of the world now that i've upgraded my camera. so many more things are potential subjects for pictures than they used to be.

my favorite is the bottle carrier as well. :-) followed closely by the roof tiles.

Jaime said...

Hmmm...I', drawn to rusty things too.
I think it's all about the interesting textures and colours.
Fantastic images! (even if they were taken with a Nikon. *wink*)

julochka said...

jaime--i just ordered a new zoom lens for the nikon and was sorely tempted by a fisheye. i have restrained. for now. :-)

beth said...

what yummy photos.....I just love them !
you must have a great camera !!!

julochka said...

beth--it's a nikon D60 and i'm still getting acquainted with it. i do love it tho'!