Thursday, July 24, 2008

the lego factor

since there are zoning rules in denmark about how much of your property the main house can take up (20% in our case), we weren't able to build on as much as we would have liked. however, you can use 25% of your property for buildings in general. we took this seriously. we have built a greenhouse (which doesn't count in the 25%, as it's under 10 square meters).

we have my writing playhouse and
a shed for lawn mower and firewood (on the right here).

husband's workshop
and another shot of the storage shed on the left in this picture.
still to come (behind the writing playhouse) is a sauna.

this adds up to quite a collection of buildings. there will be five plus a roof on the other side of the house for parking bicycles under when it's all finished.  this got me thinking. and i've come to the conclusion that it's all because of these....

lego, as we know, is a danish company. the name comes from the danish words lege godt--play well. my dear husband, as a good little scandinavian child (whose father was an architect to boot), grew up playing with lego, just as our daughter is doing. i didn't really grow up with lego (i had a pony, after all), tho' i knew what it was. but, i think it has a marked effect on the psyche. you build small buildings, you arrange them, often around a square green lego base, and then play.

it dawned on me as i looked out the addition yesterday that husband is assembling three small buildings around a square base (decking). he is strategically placing other small buildings around the square of the property. he's playing with lego in adult size. it seems that play in childhood really does prepare you for life. i'm just relieved he played with lego and not with matches. 


enchantedartist said...

Ah,yes, be very thankful indeed! :)

My husband is also very much like this....He build a 1500 sq.ft. addition on our house...a garage...a playhouse...and is now working on my greenhouse.

All we need to do is enjoy it I guess.


Iris said...

We still play with Legos. They're so much fun. My husband has a rapidly growing collection of the Star Wars series right now. I just stick with the simple building stuff. Who says you need to be a kid to play with kid's things?

polona said...

funny... i used to build rockets and aircraft with legos, but not houses... what does it say about me? ;)

tangobaby said...

You mean in Denmark, they actually want you to have LAND around your property? What a novel concept. Can you tell I'm from California?

I love Legos but I have to say that Lincoln Logs have a very special place in my heart.

Kelley said...

All he needs now is a yellow helmet like the lego guy!

I am hoping for Barbies Dream house.