Saturday, July 05, 2008

on stashing the stash and never actually using the stash

my scrap stash continues to grow and i still don't really use any of it, except to make the occasional card. why is that? what is it that drives me to buy pretty paper and embellishments like a woman possessed? and why don't i sit down and use it? some of it comes in kits i subscribe to, some from shopping online, others from visits to craft and scrap stores.

speaking of scrap stores, the one i know and like best,, in roskilde, is closing at the end of this month! so, yesterday, i went there and finally bought that QuicKutz squeeze in pink that i've had my eye on for a long time. i've managed to restrain from going back today. i also stocked up on bazzil basics paper, since i find myself using that as the base whenever i make cards. i also discovered another scrap store in høje taastrup--dream papers--but didn't get to properly explore, as the woman who owned it was on her way to a craft show in sweden and had everything packed up. i did score a couple of sassafrass lass robots papers and one of the sets of owl stamps, also from sassafrass lass. i'm still obsessed with owls. i discovered that shop through this fun blog, the first blog friend i've made who actually lives in the same country as me! :-) imagine that!

my dozens kit also came yesterday. it has some super fun little pink plastic alfas by heidi swapp. they may be what makes me scrap something. i got my label tulip kit this week as well and it has some inspiring bits in it--especially a prima adhesive black felt that looks like a city skyline. i love that so much i put it on the inspiration board beside my desk.

best of all, at the scrapshop, i finally scored one of those little 7 gypsies ATC carousels. there's something about the playing-card size of ATCs that makes it seem less overwhelming than a big 30x30 sheet, so perhaps i'll find my scrap groove doing a few of those. it's a bit silly NOT to scrap when i have so much beautiful stuff to use and because i have tons of great pictures and i really enjoy the pretty paper--wouldn't i enjoy it all even more if i actually used it and had it right in front of me on the little card carousel? one would think so.

i think part of the problem for me is that scrapping is so about squarey edges and perfection, even when people are "distressing" their paper edges or ripping them, they do it just so, all perfecty, perfect. i feel constricted by that. and although i have lots of words in me, i freeze before the scrap page. i might have the perfect photo, and tons of cool ribbons and buttons, but then i never really know what to write in my journal spots (and believe me, i have lots of those) or what to write with my cool thickers and other alphabets. am i the only one who feels this way? in love with the supplies, but paralyzed before them?

does anyone else have issues like this? do you also collect and collect art supplies and then finger them lovingly and look at them, but not really use them? how can we get started? maybe if we promised one another to make and share something, that would kickstart things? anybody up for that?


Iris said...

I do the same thing. I have all kinds of supplies and not a lot of artwork to show for them. It seems like I can only create using the cheapy stuff but once I have the "proper" tools I freeze up. For instance I've done some watercolor paintings with the cheap $3 kids Crayola watercolor set and really liked the results so I bought some real watercolors and even a book to show me some technique. Do you think I've touched any of it since then? Nope. It's a bizarre problem for me and one that drives the husband batty.

enchantedartist said...

Uuuummmm....I think I've been here several times. For me, it lasts a little while, and then I seem to get a sudden burst of creativity. As a result, I don't really sweat it to much.

Do you think your are overthinking, overstressing...and maybe that is making it to hard on you?

I just think that sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to produce something that it really numbs our creativity. Especially when we've got all these gorgeous supplies beckoning us...

I don't know if this is you...but I'm hoping that with a little gentleness....wonderful things will happen for you.

d smith kaich jones said...

I think it's just that we like cool stuff. We're women - it's that old hunter/gatherer thing. We're just gathering goodies because you just never know!

julochka said...

iris--thanks for stopping by! happy to know i'm not alone on this one!

enchanted diarist--maybe you're right, i just need to stop pressuring myself.

and debi--i am SOOOOooo going to use that one! it's my biological imperative to stash! :-) excellent!