Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i'm back on form

because i haven't made any for awhile, i bring you two campaign buttons for tangobaby's presidential quest.  two because i couldn't really decide. you'll see....

it's totally amazing what a little fluffy snow will do for one's mood. 

i was even charmed by the plane being de-iced. those little de-icing machines are so futuristic-looking:

i have a strange affection for SAS:

i'm not sure if the affection stems from the elderly stewardesses (SAS = Sexy After Sixty) or the charming scandinavian mix of onboard staff--the humor of the danes, the style of the swedes, the tree-hugging-ness of the norwegians. whatever it is, if one can feel affection for an airline, then oddly, i do for SAS.


Tin (ni Johann) said...

Amen on the "G" -- it's really annoying hearing her talk and, sometimes, I wonder if it's really her normal way of speaking or if it's merely an affectation.

Can you imagine her meeting world leaders and speaking like that? *shudder*

Amanda said...

I am so glad you're back to form!

I am jealous of the snow! They say a cold and early winter here in the midwest, and I say bring it on!

Welcome home!

julochka said...

tin--i know, it's SOoooo scary!!! but i think we're not going to have to endure it!

amanda--back in DK and there's no snow, but it was so pretty in oslo! love your tangobaby cabinet post, by the way!!! just love it!