Monday, October 27, 2008

terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

husband woke us up an hour early because he'd forgotten change his alarm clock to winter time. it rained. the fireplace wouldn't start. i got my writing done, but it sucks. the hotel website won't load, so i have no hotel for tomorrow. my right elbow started to hurt--kind of a lot--for no reason.

it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

i went to get fabric at the fabric store from hell. actually, it's a very nice fabric store, as far as the fabric is concerned, but the help are all deeply unhappy and wish they were somewhere else, so the atmosphere there isn't good.  that's actually when it really started to go wrong. my mood was definitely dragged down after being there.

i found out my sister is, for some reason unknown to me, on some strange spiteful vendetta against me. actually, the reason is known, it's just too stupid to comprehend. it's because i didn't answer an email to a RANDOM STRANGER that she GAVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS to PUBLICLY ON TWITTER!!! so when said random stranger tells her this today, she emails him back and says this:

"Yeah, weird deal.  I made the introduction thinking you'd have interests in common with her, but she had one of her knee-jerk reactions.  She freaked out at the horrible thought of me giving away her super-secret email address to a would-be serial killer in Central Iowa, though you'd have to cross an entire ocean to go about your crime against what, an email address?  So I got in big trouble for trying to introduce you.  My apologies for the wasted time. Turns out you wouldn't be that interested in knowing her, I guess."

and how do i know this, you ask? because she thought it would be amusing to forward it to me. i guess she knew i was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day and just wanted to help out, in case it was getting brighter.

let me ask you, was it really so wrong of me not to want my email address broadcast on twitter or twinkle or whatever her iPhone version is to everyone within a 150 mile radius of bum-fuck, iowa just so some random stranger could have it and get in touch with me? somehow, i just can't find a way for that to be ok in my head. nor can i find any explanation for my sister's behavior towards me. fine to email him back and say what she said above, it's a free country (for now), but why add the spite by forwarding it to me? why would someone want to be totally disloyal to their only sister and then rub it in her face? i guess i'm just too simple to understand it.

then, just when i thought it couldn't get any worse, i just flipped back to my gmail--home of said address--and it strangely asked me to sign in, saying my email had been deactivated!! causing my blood to run cold (honestly, now i understand what that means). then, i tried again, signed in and had to do one of those little random alphabet thingies and then it went in! WTF? how can all of this happen in one day?

and right when things were looking up a little, because i had just had fun making these cards to put in the mailboxes all along our street, letting everyone know that we're having a children's halloween party on friday night and that they should expect some small trick-or-treaters to be coming by (we have to warn them because this isn't a traditional trick or treat country).  and i had had fun because i got to stamp on the cards and then play with fire--because i burned the edges (my first successful encounter with fire all day).

so now, i think i'll go to bed, i have to get up early and fly to oslo. terrible, horrible no good, very bad days don't happen more than one at a time, do they?


Delena said...

I have those shitty days also. I sometimes think this ugly little gremlin travels around on my shoulder. Hopefully your week will just get better.~~~

Amanda said...

Oooh, so sorry for your day. I for one agree with your reaction to the email and sister incident. I don't have a sister, so I can't really speak to that part, but as for giving out about your blog instead? That way there is a little "get to know you" before the dirst date.

The week will get better. No doubt Sarah P. will do something on day soon to amuse you!

Barb said...

Julie, I am feeling just awful for your terrible day. I too agree your sister should not have given out your email, should have asked you first to avoid the whole ordeal you went through.

When things can't get any worse, they can only get better, so chin up, here's a hug from Canada to boost you up and hopefully let you know others are thinking of you and sending you good wishes to improve your week. Love Barb

Molly said...

Hope today was better and that your elbow's ok... see, those mac's aren't all good news ; )

tangobaby said...

Oh no! You're crying your eyes out?!

First of all, here's what you need to do. Call your parents and have them punish your sister. Maybe ground her for a week and take away her telephone and car privileges. It doesn't matter how old she is or where she lives now, your parents can still punish her.

Second, you should watch something violent but also endearing, like Season 1 of the Sopranos or the Godfather, Part 1.

Third, you should take some Motrin for your poor elbow.

Obviously it's a new day for you in Oslo and maybe you're feeling better now, but why don't you look for a pair of shoes or some chocolate, just in case!


julochka said...

del--i fear it's shaping up to be one of those shitty weeks..

amanda--i totally agree that she should have directed him to my blog. i went to his and that's what caused me not to answer. freak.

barb--thank you so much for the hug, it really means a lot!

molly--elbow was ok all day, but it's getting sore again tonight and you're totally right, it's those pretty little flat mac keyboards.

tangobaby--as usual, you are a goodess and quite possibly following me around with a hidden camera, because i just came from buying new shoes!!! red el naturalistas, but because this tuesday is just like a monday, i didn't bring my camera, so i can't photograph them and post a pretty picture. :-( and you're right, i'm callin' my mom. tho' she's a total techno-phobe, so she won't get it...

thank you all for caring! it really does help a lot!

tangobaby said...

My psychic abilities are very limited but I can *feel* when people I adore get new shoes. Wear them in good health!


mo said...

I so agree that your email is your email to give out and making it public to strangers is not my first choice either. It is unfortunate that she chose to deal with things the way she did. Familial relationships can be so strange and I am sorry that yours is causing you more sad than happy right now.