Friday, October 31, 2008

of train wrecks, halloween and gratitude

only a few more days left of my daily linking to the latest campaign news. tangobaby actually directed me to today's first article by the director of a 2005 sundance film festival film called why we fight, and an early encounter with mccain's now derailing straight talk express. very thoughtful and well-written, read it if you have the time.

last night, the daily show with obama was on here in denmark, only one day after original broadcast--that's pretty cool, because until about a week ago, the daily shows were about a week behind (i suppose to give time to the subtitle people). it's on at 11:40 p.m., but both husband and i stayed up to watch it. glad we did, as there was more than the clip that had been available online. barack obama takes political speech to a whole new level...returning it to something you can believe in and with an underlying assumption that the audience consists of thoughtful, intelligent people. it made me realize that that's been missing for a long time now. at least 8 years, and as much as i like bill clinton, perhaps even longer than that. it is like we have our kennedy, although i will admit that in the early 90s, i felt that way about bill clinton and his campaign video a town called hope , done by those designing women people--i loved that and had the same goosebumps and tears in my eyes i had watching obama's infomercial yesterday.

one more link, you must check this blog that i just discovered. FANTASTIC! (thanks to magpie on twitter!)

* * *
but, i can't wax philosophical all day. i have to prepare for 20 2nd graders to descend on us at 5 p.m. for a halloween party! the house has to be decorated, the pumpkin tops cut open (they're going to start off by carving pumpkins, tho' i am uncertain that giving sharp objects to 20 2nd graders is a good idea), warm beverages simmering on the stove, food and snacks prepared for the hungry masses, apples tied to a string for fun and games, i have to be in my modified morticia addams costume (i got a black & purple wig instead of black & grey).  last night, we carved a couple of pumpkins to get ready:
and sabin worked on her halloween costume:
it is a spider web-y ghost costume of her own invention.
* * *
 i've been wanting to do a grateful friday posting for awhile now, inspired by del at serenity now, but am usually all worn out by friday and don't have it in me or am on some kind of rant. however, today i will do it!  here is a list of the things i'm grateful for at this very moment:
  1. i'm headed for manila tomorrow for a week of interesting meetings and catching up with old friends and i'm staying at my favorite hotel in the whole world.
  2. i'm almost done with my VAT statement for Q3. (ugh!)
  3. and i have only one invoice left to create.
  4. next i get to bake cupcakes.
  5. that i have a wonderful husband who i have engaging conversations with every single day.
  6. realizing that we've already managed to establish traditions with sabin--she insisted on the ritual pleasure of roasting pumpkin seeds last night when we carved the pumpkins. i had actually forgotten about doing that, but she remembered and said, "but mom, we ALWAYS roast pumpkin seeds with that yummy salt." 
  7. a steaming mug of fragrant tea.
  8. that i'm sitting in a space where all kinds of materials for creativity are within reach--pens, pretty papers, my camera. (i don't have time for any of that today, but i love knowing it's here.)
what are you grateful for this friday?


Molly said...

Are you mad??
Hosting the party I mean.
Lol, it sounds like it'll be total fun - we insist on a pic of you in your Morticia get-up. The pumpkins are divine, hope it all goes well and no injuries are incurred.
I like the grateful friday idea - and yours is a very good list indeed.
Have a fab party and a great trip, holding thumbs all you fake americans swing this one!

Amanda said...

I love the grateful Friday! This day I am grateful that I am home and no longer in SE Georgia with so many still racist people (unbelieveable).

Sounds like your life continues to be crazy. How oh how can we make it so we can slow down a bit and enjoy?

Magpie said...

I am grateful that I finished the Halloween costume a few days ago, and the pumpkins got carved last night!

tangobaby said...

I love your pumpkins! You did such a fantastic job! I'm assuming all went well and no tourniquets were needed.

You should really show us how you looked all dressed up silly because that would be something to enjoy and maybe blackmail you with someday.

What am I grateful for?

Hmmm, let me see.

I'm grateful that it's FRIDAY!
And that my Boy might come home soon!
And that it started raining today (I like the rain).
And that I get to see Jane Goodall give a lecture tonight.
And that I voted and that the election is only four days away, finally.
And that you're so awesome!

How's that for a start?

Tin (ni Johann) said...

Have a safe flight! I think they're still having their Chocolate Buffet at the Manila Pen. ^_^

I couldn't finish watching the Obama Infomercial because I was crying so hard.