Wednesday, October 22, 2008

starbucksonomics and other interesting reading

perhaps after reading this piece in slate i should be happier that there are only two starbucks in denmark, both of which are in the airport (one on the inside, after security), so really only one available to the general public. and they haven't been there that long, actually, only a few months. tho' i will admit there have been times when it occurred to me to go to the airport for a double latte.

a few years ago, i remember hanging out in a dingy bar in hyde park (yes, THAT one) having an extensive and quite high level discussion about swearing infixes. you know, how you insert swear words into other multi-syllabic words. as in un-fucking-believable or in-fucking-credible. (i apologize that i can't think of any using other swear words at the moment.) well, it seems that steven pinker has begun to look into what swearing is all about. and it seems that the government should probably stay out of it.

and apropos my previous post on the resurgence of postmodernity, check out this (much more in-depth) argument along the same lines.


enchantedartist said...

:) :) I remember watching that George Carlin monologue with my parents when I was a kid...Now I don't run around swearing like a truck driver (I could probably get in trouble for saying that too?) but I do like to pepper my language now and again with the odd naughty word.

Thanks for this....

tangobaby said...

You might be interested to know that some Starbucks in SF have closed. I guess having one on every street corner ended up not being such a good idea after all. Maybe you got two of ours.

As far as swearing goes, I have been swearing more this year than I probably have in the other years of my life combined. I will read the article to try to find out what's wrong with me.

I would like to blame my potty mouth on the political situation here but I think that wouldn't be entirely fair.

Amanda said...

That article was fucking awesome!

No, timely for me and my WTF? posts!

julochka said...

i've been in denmark long enough that swearing is definitely an essential part of my vocabulary. danes use it to make people comfortable. it has an equalizing effect...bringing everyone to the same (perhaps low) level. and, of course, i work with a bunch of sailors, so i've naturally come to swear like one (oops, is that un-PC too?) :-) ha! glad you guys liked the article!

Molly said...

Ah, it's so refreshing to find others who love to swear.
Having given up so many vices in favour of mature adulthood I cling to this one, and savour every filthy word which comes out of my mouth.
Some call it lazy but sometimes swearing is the most expressive, and honest, one can be!

julochka said...

molly--i wouldn't call swearing's creative! :-)