Wednesday, October 01, 2008

procrastination with a capital "P"

why oh why oh why do i procrastinate? what is it that i think i get out of it? not much, truth be told. self-recrimination. panic (in the end). feelings of guilt for lack of productivity? but somehow, i am not able to work myself out of the procrastination rut i'm in this week. it doesn't make me feel the least bit good, so why do it?

i pondered this as i made gocco prints this morning for my latest swap. it seems that what i'm procrastinating is finishing several articles (all of which are open on my screen), not things like this, tho' the last time i participated in a swap, i also procrastinated it. so who knows what will trigger my tendency to procrastinate?

there's something so satisfying about little frosting peaks of ink in yummy colors.
(hmm, wonder if it's time for lunch.)
these are my most favorite colors..blues and greens. they make me feel relaxed.
sabin had doodled this design on a paper, so i snagged it.
i even made a couple of moleskine notebooks 
(perhaps one day i'll stop procrastinating that etsy shop)
this tree is one that sabin drew when she was 4.
i've long been wanting to do something fun with her drawing.

i decided that during october, we would eat a more vegetarian diet here at our house. less meat. we don't really need meat at every meal. it will be healthier and easier on the grocery bill. but now that october 1 is here, i'm already thinking, that seems like a lot of work, so maybe another time.  what is going on with me?

i have three half-finished articles open on my screen. i am now on day three of spending long stretches staring at them. what is it? why can't i wrap them up? i guess it's not so much procrastination as a block of some sort. but how do i clear it out? i thought perhaps indulging in creativity would help. the repetitive motion of printing gocco cards has given me plenty of time to think. so maybe it's time to give it another go. or perhaps i'll wait 'til tomorrow...


Tara said...

The notebooks are so pretty!

Good luck with your veg eating. I have also been serving less meat and it can be a challenge. My family's favorites are: enchiladas, black bean tacos, black beans and mexican rice, pasta, cauliflower cheese pie, and salads. Good luck!

tangobaby said...

I'm such a dork. I really thought that was frosting.

Magpie said...

I love those little prints.