Saturday, October 25, 2008

i voted today!

after a horrible panic due to the fact that i hadn't yet received my absentee ballot (and i had been patiently waiting, thinking it would come), i got in touch with the chicago election commission and found out they hadn't received my request! arrgh! the good news was, it wasn't too late and because they have great service, i actually was able to request and receive a ballot via email, all in one day! i've filled it out and sent it, so it's on its way! i would have been devastated after all of this, not to be able to vote.

today's election quote translated from danish :  "sarah palin has had the same effect on the campaign as  halloween candy. at first, voters got a proper sugar high and afterwards a bellyache."

and looking ahead to 2012, i bring you today's tangobaby campaign button:

and because i adore the campaign button maker :
hope you're having a lovely weekend.


tangobaby said...

That Halloween metaphor made me smile. Now who can't relate to that?

I can imagine your last minute panic about not being able to vote, having the same thing almost happen to me yesterday! Thank goodness I was playing hooky from work because it took me at least four hours to straighten things out.

All of these glitches, problems make me wonder: how hard can it possibly be to have a voting system that is simple and works?!

tangobaby said...

Ps. love that last button. You are really hitting your stride with the button maker, aren't you?


julochka said...

must go make more buttons....