Thursday, October 23, 2008

what new madness?

i'm sorry, i couldn't stay away from the huffington post this morning, so i'm going back to my political musings. and although this is old (from 2007), you simply must see it, because it completely underlines yesterday's argument that postmodernity is indeed alive and well in election '08:

i'm speechless.

* * *
i also did a bit of research into sarah palin's wardrobe upgrade. remember yesterday when i asked how bad her old wardrobe was that she needed to go all imelda. well, take a look at this, taken just a few months before she became the VP nominee. frankly, i understand better now the $150,000. she needed a LOT of help here, people:

that lipstick on a pig comment is making more and more sense. is it just me or is it a little disturbing that she has the same evening gown competition up-do in this grocery store shot?

i do think this whole wardrobe issue will have a knock-on effect of making the job much more appealing to women in the future. heck, like my fellow julie, i would consider running if it meant a whole new wardrobe. of course, one cools on the idea when the campaign announces that they are giving the clothes away to charity after the election (as if). poor little piper will have to give up her louis vuitton bag. that kinda breaks my heart.

* * *
as i watched the daily show last night (the one from last week with that guy from the PC-Mac commercials--now there's a weird guy!), it hit me that watching it was pretty much the only thing keeping me sane through this election. these people are actually capable of driving people crazy, and thankfully, i'm not even there where i'd have to see all of the awful campaign ads. i feel for all of you who are living there in the middle of it and can highly recommend the safe distance of an ocean between you and the campaign the next time around. larry david has quite a funny piece on keeping sane (or not) in this mad election, check it out.

i've been flipping back and forth between CNN and BBC World these days. one thing that has struck me is how much footage from other networks and shows the news broadcasts are using--especially on CNN, but frankly, BBC is doing it as well (they disappoint me at times with their CNN-ness). clips of jon stewart and this new up and coming woman on MSNBC--rachel maddow (how are we going to keep her separate from rachel ray? dark-haired, perky. but i digress), clips of SNL. it's one thing to use another interviewer's clip, but an awful lot of entertainment is entering the news sphere.  and that seems to me like further evidence that we are in this strange, postmodern, unreal place.  what's frightening is that it's all too real! and not all that entertaining. 

i'll leave you with an especially good (and funny) example of what i mean, which i admit is pretty entertaining:

and now i shall try to restrain for the rest of today. there's only so much we can all take.


Molly said...

I must've been on Huffington same time as you. Had a good laugh at the wardrobe and the up-do, but this NBC clip is too much.
It's SO good for us to watch this stuff as it gives us such healthy perspective on our own politicians.
But also, while I agree that the US seems to be in the throes of some self-fulfilling prophecy of ridiculousness, it is still so healthy that they do have political commentary like this on major news stations, freedom of speech is never to be under-estimated or unappreciated.
And surely the 'stylist' who's evidently told Palin she looks good in red should give her a call about wearing such ill-fitting jackets on national TV. Straining boob buttons are just wrong!

Amanda said...

Just one question...who is the total dork tall guy standing behind the rapper most of the song? I couldn't take my eyes off of him!

Palin continues to dig herself into a hole. I am really disappointed that there are some very smart, otherwise respectable people here who are supporters. I mean really, how can it be?

julochka said...

molly--isn't SA politics wacky in a totally different way? when i see stories about it, i always wonder what nelson mandela makes of it all...

amanda--what respectable person is a palin supporter? i haven't heard of them. :-) it's not someone like mel gibson, is it? because he's totally lost the plot. and probably has an aussie passport.

Molly said...

Oi vey, SA politics... But at the very least, and similar to the US, at least its new and changing and exciting, which beats stagnant bullshit (the likes of Bush and Mbeki) hands down!