Monday, October 06, 2008

pros and cons

just to think about something other than politics (how ARE we going to survive another month of this campaign?), i have, in usual monday fashion, decided to compile a list (or lists). so, i give you:

stuff my parents could have done better:

  1. they never insisted that i brush my teeth (as a result of which i have about 15 fillings).
  2. they cut my meat 'til i went to college. this created many embarrassing situations for me when i  went out in public and actually had to cut my meat by myself. not good.
  3. i have really bad eyes. i'm like one diopter from needing a dog. we're talking -7 here! (at least in my left eye, with the right not far behind at 6.5.) that's just bad genes. tho' strangely, neither of my parents' eyes are that bad.
  4. made me think one shouldn't throw things away because you just might need them someday.
  5. told me that people were "just jealous" when i wasn't getting along with them (this may have given me an inflated sense of myself and an inability to see what was really going on).
but, to be fair, they did lots of stuff right:
  1. gave me an abiding love for reading.
  2. and writing. (that's also good genes.)
  3. and music (9 years of piano lessons, almost as many flute and years of singing).
  4. the fearlessness with which i face the world.
  5. taught me there was a world outside that small town i grew up in.
  6. my only rule growing up: "win or don't come home." (my sister's rule: no pot in the living room (more about that another day)).
  7. an expectation that good things happen, not bad and things work out for the best.
  8. anything is possible if you work for it (this is generally an american thing, isn't it?)
  9. education is important.
  10. raised me democrat, which made me open to the world. (thanks, dad!)
  11. raised me to question things, rather than just accept things at face value.
  12. raised me to love animals (not dogs, but cats and horses).
what did your parents do for you?


tangobaby said...

What a great post! You've really made me stop and think because my parent seem to have aged so much in the past year, almost before my eyes.

They seem so different now and this post makes me want to slow down and look back.

Like you, my parents raised me to love books and writing, too. They praised me for being smart when everyone else just said I was pretty. They encouraged my love of science. They are very huggy and emotional.

Thanks for this post. I am calling my mom tonight.


Unknown said...

I've just seen this. I was clicking on that "you may like this' thingy. I guess it works, but mainly because I like your post titles and I want to see what the post is about. Anyway, I'm definitely doing this at some point. It'll be a difficult one for me, but that's probably a good thing.
B, x