Friday, October 31, 2008

one more thing on grateful friday

i'm grateful for the ability to vote in this important election despite having permanent residence in another country (which no doubt makes me a fake american):

although i've already sent the ballot that was sent to me via email, i got the real, official one in the mail yesterday and i'm sending it too, just in case. i remember when i moved to chicago, i always joked that i was looking forward to voting as many times as i wanted to. :-) so this time around, i'm taking no chances. better safe than sorry!


Magpie said...

Vote early and often!

tangobaby said...

You're one of the realest fake Americans I know! Doesn't it feel particularly good to vote this time? Four more days!

And then NO MORE BUSH! God, what a relief that will be. Can't we let him go early?!!