Thursday, October 23, 2008

tangobaby for president

the fabulous tangobaby is running for president and she's also got a fabulous contest going on (i know, that was two uses of fabulous in one sentence, but this is really, really FABULOUS). part of the contest is to make a campaign button for the tangobaby 2012 campaign (you can never start too early). since blogger comments wouldn't allow me to post my badge in her comment field, i had to post it here:

the contest is to join her administration and i have nominated myself for secretary of state.  here are the reasons i outlined in my comment, per contest instructions:

first of all, i am aware that there are other countries. secondly, i live in one of them. thirdly, i frequent them, well...frequently. i speak several very important (and not at all minor(nodding, nodding)) languages, so i could eavesdrop in the hallways and make sure we get the deals we on arms control and space exploration and alternative energy (because we will definitely think that arms should be a little more controlled, space explored and energy more alternative than they are today). another plus, i pass through duty frees the world over and know where the best deals to be had on perfumes and mascara and mac cosmetics are--thereby saving the taxpayer/donors money because this is really largely about the wardrobe. additionally, i do not want, nor have i ever wanted a louis vuitton purse.

one thing that might speak against me, but i want to be up front about it so that you're not surprised by probing fox reporters--is that i tried, and utterly failed, to become miss south dakota , which is right up there in lameness with trying and failing to become miss alaska. but, i wanted you to know because i'm all about the honesty.

if you too are optimistic enough to think there will still be a united states of america which will be in any condition to hold another election in 2012, get on over to tangobaby and nominate yourself for her administration!


tangobaby said...

Oh. Julochka. You have started off my campaign with a BANG! I love your BUTTON! You totally made me laugh so that my eye liner is smudged now. That's a serious laugh, missy.

I can't wait to have you be a huge part of my administration! The world needs us!


paris parfait said...

Julochka, you're a hard act to follow! But I think I could be UN ambassador, so I'll toss my hat into the ring soon. Because I have actual UN experience! YES! It's not just that I could see that architectural marvel from my apartment, I actually worked there and got to know diplomats. (Imagine!) And I have traveled extensively, lived abroad and speak four languages (three of them rather badly; never mind).:)

tangobaby said...

Tara, not to put ideas in that brilliant mind of yours, but you could also be my Secretary of Beautiful Hats and Antiquities!

Andi said...

LOL! <--really! You made me laugh out loud.

Elizabeth said...

The 'I am aware of the fact that there are other countries' does it. LOL big time