Friday, October 03, 2008

sorting diversions

i've spent the past hour sorting my scrap stash (no, i'm definitely not procrastinating, why do you say that?). and i discovered a few things.

a minor addiction to sassafrass lass products:

enough cool halloween-related stuff to make some decorations for sabin's upcoming halloween party:

and along the lines of sorting, i keep seeing sorted books stories in the blogosphere and so i had to give it a whirl. (no, i'm NOT procrastinating, why DO you keep saying that?)

first attempt:

and then this one:

and one more, i couldn't resist using "before i forget" again, it just starts things off so well:

you should give it a try too. i suspect it could get a bit addictive.

and i offer one more small diversion. an article about diagramming sarah palin's sentences. it's a doozy! :-)

so much for living a more intellectual life, eh?


tangobaby said...

I want a library card to your house. Can you make me one with the paper that has a little deer on it?

I will look at the diagramming sentences later. You have to steel yourself for this sort of thing.

julochka said...

i would gladly give you a library card to my house, but i can't possibly cut into that paper...

the sentence diagramming can wait, you should definitely have coffee first.

Magpie said...

:) - thanks for playing! i'll have more, i know - there are a lot of titles bouncing around my head.