Wednesday, October 29, 2008

things can only get better

going to bed early seems to make me get up early. not sure i'm so keen on that...but it did give me time to check up on my election obsession before getting ready for work.  and this piece warmed my heart--9000 people brave pissing down rain in pennsylvania to see barack obama. john mccain canceled a rally at the same time, citing the weather. it may also have been that no one had shown up due to lack of interest.

the cracks are really starting to show in the mcpalin campaign.  mitt romney, who has apparently been living under a rock, acknowledges that there is now a "very real possibility of an obama presidency." that's been apparent for some time, my friends (to quote mr. mccain). one of mccain's advisors has actually called our sarah a "wack job"and others are beginning to admit publicly that they were shocked at how little she knew. it's clear she's trying to save herself a political future, going increasingly "maverick" on the campaign trail, tho' these fruit fly comments aren't going to help. let's hope she doesn't succeed and goes back to alaska to her refurbished governor's mansion with her tail between her legs. sadly, she probably lacks the good sense to do this. and sadly, she won't have all her pretty new clothes to wear in the prettied up governor's mansion. that is, if we actually believe they will go to charity. i can see it now: a sotheby's auction of palin memorabilia.

i'm not sure what i feel about the 30-minute ad the obama campaign is going to air--it seems like a bit much--but i am definitely looking forward to seeing obama on the daily show!

time for my day to begin...things can only get better, right?


Amanda said...

I for one think Obama is HOTT. Every time I see a photo, it warms my heart!

Sarah, on the other hand, NOT!

I was at dinner last night with a bunch of South Georgians, and of course the talk turned to politics, and I had to keep my mouth shut. I was the only one at the table who is a democrat, as well as the only female with any intelligence at all. I was proud to say I was voting for B.O. and left it at that.

As soon as I heard the "n" word to describe Obama, I shut it down. Racisism is still alive and well down here in Southeast GA, in the ole' US of A.


julochka said...

amanda--that is so scary that people use that word and you're not the first to say they've heard it lately about obama--i've seen that on a couple of other blogs!

shocking in 2008 that that can even be said. scary stuff! i think the damage done by bush to those people who say those things is immeasurable--they were always there, but now they think it's ok to say that stuff out loud, at the same time as they claim jesus lived together with the dinosaurs...

tangobaby said...

Of course they will get better! We love you.

Just don't get me started on the fruit fly thing. I am not over that one yet. Or that Joe the Plumber is giving his opinion on who will take care of Israel.

BTW, I saw Bill Maher's new movie, Religulous. The part where he goes to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, with the animatronic baby t-rexes and children playing is astoundingly surreal.

I also read an article in Politico about the "secret" meeting after the election that the Republicans will be having to decide what they will do in 2012. You'd think that wouldn't include Palin, but then you'd be wrong. I'll find the link for you.

ps. Hi Amanda!