Sunday, October 05, 2008

through the viewfinder

in light of my fabulous flea market find yesterday, i spent a bit of time today playing with through the viewfinder photography. from what i've read online, this isn't the ideal camera for it, but that didn't really stop me. before i ventured into making any contraptions, i played with my macro on auto to see how close i could get before it would stop doing its auto thing. this was the result:

then, i fashioned a contraption of sorts and shot a whole bunch of pictures, of which i will share but two:

and this one:
i do think this could get a bit addictive, but i can see that i have to try outside on a nice, sunny day (it was rainy all day today, so i only tried indoors). and i can see that i need to be on the lookout for other fun cameras to try this with. i do so adore collecting things. :-)


beth said...

someone else that will get addicted to ttvf just like me !!!

way to go !!!!

tangobaby said...

Another friend of mine was just talking about this very same type of camera...she bought a special lens that approximates that image but on a digital camera. Does that make sense? I still am not quite sure how it works. I love your old camera though!