Monday, October 27, 2008

monday links and ramblings

i've expended a lot energy, not to mention time, being outraged about sarah palin, but will admit that it's cooling. not least after reading this article about how all of her antics should make us laugh, not cry. is this whole thing just because we crave entertainment? of course, we should remember that she's most definitely not harmless, but we must admit that it's been pretty entertaining.

at first i wondered how i would survive until election day and now i'm wondering what i'll do to fill the void when the election is over. although we don't yet know the result, i suppose i already feel anticlimactic because i've voted and sent off my ballot. not to mention that i vote in illinois, which is a pretty sure bet obama state. i've done my part and i know you'll all do yours.

* * *
lest you guys think all i do is read about politics, i hereby offer some of the other, totally non-political things i've been reading:
  1. will we eventually download books from amazon directly into our brains? this is a discussion that husband and i have very often...where evolution will lead humans and whether the internet is in fact the stirrings of the next life form?
ok, i looked around and realized that's pretty much the only non-political, non-work-related article i've read of late. man, it's bad. i will be glad to have my brain back when this election is over, so i can fill it much more stimulating why madonna and guy ritchie are splitting!?

* * *

the mailman just came and brought me this and this:
and a beautiful print
and two of those little moo cards
(NOW i know what they are, even if i still don't know what it stands for!)
thank you, tangobaby, madame president!
* * *
and because it was a rainy, dreary weekend, made for staying indoors and baking organic chickens and squash and making warming curries, and because this blog has become way too much politics and way too little inspiration, i hereby share the weekend's creativity:

working with mathilde (husband's middle daughter), we made two pillows for her bedroom, using some cute japanese matrioshka fabric (the fabric is japanese, not the matrioshki, they're russian) from etsy (which can't be linked to at the moment due to scheduled maintenance) and a couple of lush anna maria horner fabrics.
and i'm working on a small lap quilt, made entirely of anna maria horner fabrics:
i got the top done and will reward myself today with a trip to get the batting and backing fabric, if i finish the writing i need to get done (and which is fast becoming urgent, which may be just what i need to be able to finish it). but yes, i've reached the point where i have to threaten myself and then promise rewards. i'm clearly a bad parent.

on that note, i'm off to's the same piece i've been struggling with for the past several weeks. i think i'm struggling because i actually care too much about it and want to get it just right. do you ever have things you do that with? and if so, how do you get out of it! i'm open to any and all good advice! because i've written about ten different versions of this thing and none of them are right and thus far, i've been unable to combine them into something i can live with. but, today, i shall succeed!!!


Barb said...

I'm in love ... the fabric in your quilt is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Barb

tangobaby said...

WOW! You got that package SO fast! I'm shocked! But super duper excited!

What will you do after the election? Tons of exciting and interesting things. And your blood pressure might go down a tad. It's the lame-brained that will be lost. In fact, having the election be over finally will free you up to do all of those wonderful things you totally forgot about doing that aren't even on the list. And what about your Blurb book? ;-)

BTW, that Scientific American article is mucho fascinating!

julochka said...

barb--they are awesome, aren't they? and i have a whole 'nother batch in blues! :-)

TB--you're right, i'll have tons of stuff to do and actually, after getting your blurb book yesterday, i actually WENT to blurb at last, which is a start. and yes, that SA article is great! and husband and me really do talk about that stuff all the time. we're geeks. what's interesting is he doesn't like the notion and i love the idea of merging with the 'net. :-)

tangobaby said...

I'd have to side with your husband on that one. I don't want any one futzing around with my brain because you know they won't have it all figured out perfectly. Even if I could finally learn Spanish that way.

Plus, I'm a chicken.