Thursday, October 30, 2008

it gave me goosebumps!

i was a little bit worried when i heard that the obama campaign had bought 30 minute spots on the networks and cable channels. i wondered if it would be overkill. i needn't have worried. i sat this morning at my computer and watched it with goosebumps and occasional tears in my eyes. there is just such a contrast between the hope and positivity of obama and the vitriol and negativity of mcpalin. obama presents his ideas and his plans, everything i hear from the opponents is not about what they intend to do, but about how bad what obama is going to do is. they don't seem to have ideas and obama has nothing BUT ideas. but don't take my word for it, watch it for yourself:

and don't forget to have a look at obama's appearance on jon stewart. he's funny and totally able to laugh at himself. brilliant.  and one last link, if you didn't see michelle obama's appearance on leno, you've gotta watch it, even if, like me, you're not a leno fan. she's gonna make an awesome first lady--she's smart, gracious, humble and funny. we couldn't wish for more!

P.S.  if you'd like to let out a cheer, go read "the mandatory rejection of sarah palin" by bob cesca. so, so spot on.


Amanda said...

I did, however, LOVE the Jon Stewart clip.

Thanks again for keeping me updated. I'm off to the airport to go home. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

I watched the 30 minute special with my daughter. I sat there and cried a couple of times. My older sister, who was 18 in 1968, tells me this is how they felt about Bobby Kennedy.

tangobaby said...

I hope my internet connection at home is working tonight. I feel so lost without Jon and Steven and Kevin, and now this!

I feel so left out!

Even though it amazes me that people could still possibly be undecided about who to vote for, I wonder if any Republicans watched his infomercial, not to rip it apart the next day, but to be open minded and listen to what the man has to say?

I'm reading The Audacity of Hope right now (yeah, so I'm a little late) but how anyone can say that they don't know who Barack Obama really is, is someone who hasn't tried to find out.

Andi said...

I cried. Totally cried. I'm glad my generation finally has a candidate to feel passionate about. This is our Kennedy.

Lynne said...

I knew I thought he was the best thing for America, but now I believe it even more!
I'm not American so my opinion doesn't count, but I'm proud that my brother who is a US citizen has been working as hard as he can to make sure that Obama gets elected

tangobaby said...

My god, I finally got to watch this. Goosebumps, tears and a real feeling that things will finally change for the better. Finally!

And Michelle was wonderful on Leno. What a classy, intelligent First Lady she will be. She already looks like one.