Monday, March 09, 2009

just another mundane monday

turns out i was premature in my being pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the fabric-softener scented washing machine repairman. you see, he fixed only one of the two problems and he left a totally NEW problem behind. which i didn't realize until after i did the first load. and naturally, they can't send someone back 'til thursday. grrr. crappy ass miele repairmen. actually, i have to give meile credit, now that i'm naming them by name, the girls on the customer service phone are great and you get to talk to a live person right away, rather than wading through some kind of automatic system and being directed to bangalore or bangulu as they're calling it now. i guess they just don't have very strict requirements as to whether you, as a washing machine repairman, have actually ever repaired a washing machine or might be capable of doing so.

then, around noon, husband called in a panic and asked me to bring him some clothing suitable for fencing. that took nearly two hours to locate said clothing (in dirty clothes pile since washing machine still not fixed) and drive it to him and get back home. note to self: ask husband more questions about what kind of course it is he's attending anyway....

and then i realized that although it was cloudy and dreary as hell in denmark, the sun was shining in sweden and that just seems unfair on so many levels--they've got nicer cars, more style, lower taxes, all the good names on the ikea stuff (the only stuff with danish names is insignificant stuff like bottle openers and the like) and now this:

after that run, it was time to pick up sabin. she did the absolute sweetest thing and completely restored my faith in humanity (which was waning in the face of extreme lack of sunshine) by filling a bag with all of her heinous bratz dolls and announcing that she wanted to take them to school the next day and give them to her friend aleyna, who is a girl from a turkish family (which somehow makes it even sweeter to me, tho' it shouldn't really matter). how cool is that?

and on top of it, she made a crown for the cat out of pipecleaners. i picture build-a-bear clothing on this cat's horizon:

i did very little that was on my list--my excuse being that the hardware store was out of the good firewood thingies so i couldn't warm up the studio without risking life and limb and of course, husband blowing a two hour hole into my day. and i made chicken for dinner--i found a package in the fridge and felt i had to use it up before it went bad, plus the child is a huge carnivore. but tomorrow is another day and we can be vegetarians then.


iasa said...

What a busy day. We recently had washing machine woes as well. I still haven't caught up on the laundry but really how many clothes can you wear at once?

How sweet of Sabin to share. My boys want to know if she has any chicken to share with them. They aspire to be carnivorous. They tell me all the cool kids are doing it.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

We used to have a meile and they always had to send someone out from the "factory" to fix. Of course, he never smelled of fabric softener! That crown is so cute and what a great cat for playing along! Your list will eventually get done ;D

Tara Thayer said...

Sorry for you, I guess, but your day produced just the most charming, most well written thing I've seen today. So, yeah. Keep it up. Thanks, Julie. You take every little thing and turn it into the most intellegent writing. Talk about restoring faith. Take care-tomorrow, maybe the sun will shine, even in Denmark!

beth said...

now that's what I call "a real life day" and most of us have many of those especially when the kids are I actually don't have as many as I used to, although my unshaven 17 year old is home sick as a dog and it's all coming back to me a little now.....

it always makes me appreciate a mundane, quiet and grey day after those, huh ?

kristina said...

I'm fairly new to your blog - I reside on the other side of Öresund :-) and had to comment now that you mention Sweden. I'll happily exchange all of our cars for Louisiana and Hans Wegner - deal? ;-)
I really enjoy your photos and taking a peek into your life.